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China Ruyan Starter Kit Wholesale

Ruyan E-Cigarette Starter Kit

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Product Description

This product is a sophisticated electronic device that atomizes purified, liquid nicotine and produces a vapor that is taken into the lungs as if it were smoke, satisfying a user’s need and/or urge for nicotine. Additionally, the vapor that the user expels does not contain any of the chemicals found in second hand smoke. The device can be used by smokers to satisfy their cravings and urges for nicotine in places where they otherwise would not be allowed to smoke by law, regulation, custom or common courtesy.

Starter Kit Includes:
  • 2 Lithium Ion Batteries
  • 1 Stainless Steel Atomizer Unit
  • Optional  Nicotine cartridges
  • 1 120v (House Current) Battery Charger and Cord
  • Warranty Card
  • Users Instruction Booklet
  • Each Cartridge equates to 1.5 to 2 packs of traditional cigarettes
  • The E-Cigarette is a high tech product developed by RUYAN to provide smokers with a clean alternative to smoking.
  • It contains no tar, no carbon monoxide and no cancer-causing chemicals.
  • The tubing device is technologically advanced, enabling it to convert atomizing liquid into vapors rather than producing smoke.
  • The battery indicates the usage tenure and it can be rechargeable.
  • The cartridge contains an atomizing liquid which is nicotine free.
  • The mouthpiece can be changed and shared between various people.

Width: 5cm
Height: 5cm
Depth: 5cm
Weight: 10g
Colour: Black
Mouth piece
Width: 5cm
Depth: 5cm
Width: 5cm
Depth: 5cm
Width: 5cm
Depth: 5cm
Colour:Black and White

  • E-CIG consists of a stainless steel shell, lithium ion battery, micro-electronic circuit, atomizing chamber, and indicator light at the head of the E-CIG.
  • It can make smokers enjoy the same pleasure as that of traditional Cigar when inhaling the nicotine smog droplet, imitating the whole process of smoking.
  • E-CIG creates a healthy smoking cultural atmosphere, and has been eulogized by authoritative experts as the perfect combination of modern micro-electronic technology, biological technology and the conception of healthy life.

How to Use
For RUYAN® V8 series products
(For more information, please look for User Manual)

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Product Reviews

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Date Added: 03/10/2008 by Thomas Midal
Everything is ok. Thank E-Cigarette-Mart, no any further charge to Austria by UPS, I am appreciate y...

Read the Review
Date Added: 11/28/2007 by Seda Tugut
It is a great deal...I am going to order right now. I strongly believe that I am going to quit..

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Date Added: 01/13/2008 by YENER KOCADAYI
I made order of 4 sets(White Ruyan V8 +50 Cartridges), 4 days later I got my items at home in Turkey...

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