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Promotion - 30ml Original E-Juice E-Juice Free Shipping

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Product Description

30ml Original E-liquid / E-Juice for all types of E-Cig - E-Pipe Free Shipping Promotion

over 70 popular different flavours

Refill your own cartridges with this E.Liquid.
Each container comes in a plastic bottle, along with a drop dispenser, to allow you the ability, to recycle and refill your empty cartridges.

This E.Liquid flavour is available in different Nicotine levels, for all types of electronic cigarette, cigar and pipe. 
Select Nicotine Strength Level (milligrams)

Nicotine Strength

24 mg  -  Extra High
18 mg  -  High
11mg - Low
0mg - Zero

We can produce according your needs example : 1mg  3mg 7 mg 10mg 15mg ect.

Our nicotine fluids are sourced from one of the world’s premier suppliers of E.Smoking Liquid, we stock over 70 popular different flavours each having a rich distinct taste. To use, you drop 3-4 droplets onto a dry Electronic Cigarette Cartridge then replace the cartridge back into your atomizer and smoke it as you normally would.

The main BENEFITS of using nicotine fluid over the ready filled cartridge, is that an 8ml bottle should give you the equivalent of 50 ready filled cartridges, or nearly 200 cartridges using our new 30ml bottle, this makes using fluid very economical. It also allows you to try different flavours without breaking the bank..

The Electronic Cigarette fluid does not produce tobacco smoke or smoke of any kind. It produces a flavoured vapor primarily made up of water and other ingredients; these are generally regarded as safe.

Please note: Do not re-use used cartridges as soon as any part of the cartridge gauze goes from a white colour to a brown colour.

Please be advised that nicotine is extremely addictive.

It is recommended that people who are under the age of 18 years, have a demonstrated sensitivity to nicotine, pregnant or breastfeeding, or who have unstable heart conditions, should discuss the use of any Electronic Nicotine Delivery devices  device with a doctor or nurse before starting

Flavor List: 

m/boro / USA MIX    1001
red USA Mix - 1001-A
green USA Mix  - 1001-B
Camel    1002
Hilton    1003
555/State Express    1004
Virginia    1005
Tobacco    1006
Dunhill    1007
KENT    1008
Winston    1009
Septwolves    1010
Blended (DK-TAB)    1011
Turkish Tobacco(Blend)    1012
Mild Seven    1013
B&H    1014
French Pipe    1015
Cigar    1016
Parliament    1017
Cuba Cigar     1018
Flue Cured Tobacco    1019
Newport / Nport    1020

RY 1    2001
RY 2    2002
RY 3    2003
RY 4    2004

Apple    3001
Banana    3002
Strawberry    3003
Grape    3004
Pineapple    3005
Lemon    3006
Pomegranate    3007
Cherry    3008
Orange     3009
Mandarin    3010
Mango    3011
Health Pear    3012
Juicy peach    3013
Watermelon    3014
Menlon    3015
Kiwi    3016
Coconut    3017
Litchi    3018
Almond    3019
Migua     3020
Shaddock    3021
Fruit mix    3022
Cocoa    3023
Vanilla    3024
Spearmint    3025
Rose    3026
Osmanthus fragrans    3027
Licorice    3028
Clove/Lilac    3029
Jasmine    3030
Fennel    3031
Blueberry    3032
Greengage    3033
Menthol    3034
Mint    3035
Cinnamon    3036

Concentrated fragrance    4001
Light fragrance    4002
Coffee    4003
Chocolate    4004
Dr. Pepper    4005
Cream     4006
Caramel    4007
Gingseng    4008
Double Mint    4009
Rum     4010
Cappuccino    4011
Peanut butter    4012
Chocolate cream    4013
Coca Cola    4014
Pepsi Cola    4015
Red Bull    4016
Lamberti    4017
Vitamin A/B/C/D    4018
Whisky Taste    4019
Champagne    4020
Coenzyme Q10    4021
Brandy    4022
Black Tea    4023
Green Tea    4024
No Flavor    4025


Product Reviews

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Date Added: 05/02/2010 by Derek

Read the Review
Date Added: 04/30/2010 by Joe S
Marlboro Juice: This juice tastes just like the cigarette. When I used to smoke analogs, marlboro wa...

Read the Review
Date Added: 04/28/2010 by Roger Pearce
I like the Flue Cured Tobacco the best, and it mixes with everything. The flavor has the exact tas...

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