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50 Cartridges for Mini E-Cigarette Deluxe - Refill Pack

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Product Description

Nicotine refills for the mini e cigarette. Each refill or nicotine cartridge is approximately equivalent to one pack of cigarettes. Please choose the level of nicotine you would like. The High level of nicotine is recommended for those who are regular or heavy smokers, Medium is for those who are moderate smokers, Low is best to use as a reduction in nicotine intake leading up to the use of No-Nicotine cartridges with your mini electronic cigarette.

Electronic Cigarette. Electronic Cigarette brand has obtained several patents in china, and it is also patented in most of developed countries. Electronic Cigarette is a patented product with the exclusive intellectual property, independently developed by our company.

By Nicotine Replacement Therapy(NRT), it means to release nicotine in non-tobacco form into human body so as to help in smoke abstention. The dose of nicotine is less than that obtained from smoking but is enough for reducing the smoke quitting syndromes. After using two to three months, the amount lf nicotine will be gradually decreased to the lowest.

Electronic Cigarette, developed by our company, adopts the advanced microelectronic technology and supercritical physical atomized technology, to atomize the high-purity nicotine diluent, which is extracted from tobacco and has the excitatory function, so that the smoker can take it in . the liquid in the cartridge contains nicotine, perfumery compound extracted from tobacco and ordinary food humectant.

Tobacco has brought long-term hurts to human beings since it was released from pandoras Box, and

Become an age-long nightmare of human beings. Electronic Cigarette is a revolution in human beings history of smoking, bringing blessings to human beings, especially the vast smokers. It will have far-fetching influence on the life style of human beings. We believe that Electronic Cigarette will eradicate dangers of the evil cigarette to human beings eventually.

With slow absorption and small dose, nicotine used in the Nicotine Replacement Therapy is safer than smoking itself, but is enough for resisting smoke addiction. Moreover , nicotine cannot trigger cancer or chronic obstructive lung diseases, which are mainly caused by tar, carbon monoxide and thousands of harmful substances released during the burning of tobacco.

Electronic Cigarette is a kind of non-flammable electronic cigarette, with efficacies similar to those of the common cigarette. It can refresh the smokers and satisfy their smoking addiction, making them happy and relaxed, so as to relieve the suffering of quitting smoking.

Electronic Cigarette is essentially different from the common cigarette by nature:

1. Free of tar and other carcinogenic substances harmful to human body;
2. Non-flammable, with out the danger of over 4,000 chemical substances produced by the common cigarette, like carbon monoxide;
3. Harmless to others and the environment, without the danger of second-hand smoking
4. Can be used in most No-smoking places, without the danger of fire accident;
5. Painless smoke abstention can be realized within a certain period of time, after carrying out the smoke abstention scheme recommended by Electronic Cigarette.

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